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You Can Read by Helaine Becker

You Can Read by Helaine Becker

Where can you read? What can you read? How can you read?

You can read in class!—if the teacher allows you to. You can read in a park, or under the covers in the dark! You can read in the desert, or under the sea. You can even read in space!—but you may miss a lot if that's the case.

You can read at the opera, the ballet, and symphony—but, that may be a little rude. Just like reading at the dinner table. You can even read walking down the street, but you may step in—eeeekkk!

You can read at night, but always choose your subject wisely if you want to sleep at night! You can pretty much read anywhere. . . even in your underwear!

In Helaine Becker's inspiring new read-along, the celebration is literacy for kids of all ages! The act of reading is always a daring adventure, and You Can Read says it loud and proud: Books are AWESOME and so is everyone who reads them! Filled with fun and hilarious illustrations by Mark Hoffman, this picture book is a must-have for all literary lovers!

You Can Read incorporates the Grow a Reader themes of Narrative SkillsPhonological Awareness, and, of course, Reading!