The Way Home in the Night by Akiko Miyakoshi

The Way Home in the Night by Akiko Miyakoshi

In Akiko Miyakoshi's new book, The Way Home in the Night, a little rabbit is carried by his mother through the settling streets in his hometown. As she walks, little bunny is intrigued by the evening action going on around him.

The local restaurant and bookshop close up quietly. He looks as the soft glow of house lights flickering on. He hears a phone ring, and he smells a delicious pie. He observes a gathering of sorts, listens to a television, and watches someone say goodbye. 

Through all of these observations, little bunny realizes the importance of home. The lights will be extinguished shortly; the phone call will end; and someone will eat that pie. The partygoers will leave, and the television will fall silent as the night comes to a close. No matter how the day goes, we always end up somewhere we want to be, and that's home.

With beautiful yet mysterious illustrations, author Akiko Miyakoshi (The Tea Party in the Woods) gives us a masterpiece in The Way Home at Night. With simple words, Miyakoshi turns a normal walk home at night into a heartwarming tale of a child's nightly journey into comfort and relaxation. The Way Home in the Night is wonderful for any little one who may be intimidated by the dark but is also curious about the activities that go on within it as well.

The Way Home at Night supports our Grow a Reader principles of narrative skillsreading, and vocabulary.