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Moment by Moment: A Grief Support Group

 Moment by Moment: A Grief Support Group

Handling grief is always difficult, but, during the holidays, it can be especially trying. As gray January plunges us deeper into winter, its dark days can make it even harder to deal with the loss of a loved one. Fortunately, Dr. Donna Jarvis, M.Div, PhD, Chaplain for New Century Hospice, has designed a grief support group called Moment by Moment

While each person handles grief differently, there is a common bond between those who have suffered a loss. Whether you have experienced the death of a dear friend or a close relative, sharing with others who are going through the same experience can be beneficial. In addition to meeting others who understand your situation, Dr. Jarvis will offer insight and tools to help deal with involuntary changes, create healthy expressions of pain, and encourage personal growth.  

This six-week support group, facilitated by New Century Hospice, will meet at Porter Branch every Tuesday, starting January 9, from 6:30-8:00. Anyone in the community who has experienced a loss is welcome. Our article, When the Holidays Aren't So Merry and Bright..., and booklist, Coping with Grief, may give additional bereavement support.