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My Librarian

Connecting you, the reader, to your personally perfect books is a passion for CRRL librarians. Here's how our service works: check out the profiles below to see the librarians' reading specialties and what really matters to them personally—and peruse their reading recommendations. If a librarian sounds like someone from whom you’d love advice on what to read next, click to send a request for a personalized reading list. Your librarian will get back to you soon!  

Joy O.

Classics, Mysteries, & Writers and Writing

Read more about Joy and her recommendations.


Ed D.

Learning, Historical Fiction, History, & Natural History

Read more about Ed and his recommendations.


Craig G.

Graphic Novels, Music, & Science Fiction

Read more about Craig and his recommendations.

Christine C.

Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, & Science Fiction

Read more about Christine and her recommendations.


Meg R.

Meg R.

Mysteries and Thrillers, Offbeat Fiction & Nonfiction, & Romance, & Westerns

Read more about Meg and her recommendations.


Fritzi N.

Cerebral Thrillers, Travel Fiction/Nonfiction, & Women's Fiction/Nonfiction

Read more about Fritzi and her recommendations.


Mary B.

Biographies, Literary Fiction, & Science Fiction

Read more about Mary and her recommendations.


Virginia J.

History, Historical Fiction, & Romantic Suspense

Read more about Virginia and her recommendations.


Jessie F.

Fantasy, Graphic Novels, & Picture Books

Read more about Jessie and her recommendations.