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Exhibiting at the Library

Every month, library branches feature local art for our customers to enjoy. See upcoming, current, and past exhibits

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork, please read our guidelines for exhibiting art in the library.
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Fredericksburg Branch

January: Johnny Johnson's Water Media Workshop

Upcoming exhibits:

Howell Branch

January: Angela Hopkins Maniece

Artist's Statement: "After retiring from the military and a life governed by rules and regulations, I began to discover another side of myself. An Easter painting project with my children evolved into a passion for painting with acrylic paints on terra cotta flower pots. A challenge from a fellow artist led to my expanding my horizons and painting on canvas. I quickly realized I have an intense love of faces and a need to create portraits. While attending the University of Mary Washington, exposure to ceramic arts sparked a desire in me to create portraits out of clay. Always amazed by new forms of art, I continue to experiment and incorporate them into my pieces. I am not sure where my art is going but I am excited to continue to on this journey."

Upcoming exhibits:

  • February: Zachary Wiegand

  • March: Ron Maney

  • April: Transformed (student show)

Porter Branch

January: Callie Turner

Artist's Statement: "Whether walking down a busy French Quarter street at night, watching the first strains of a sunrise tint the sky, or marveling at the beauty and color of sunlight filtering through stained glass, the variances of light against dark have always made me ache to capture it on canvas. Sometimes I try to convey a complex view through art. Sometimes I try to capture something for ephemeral beauty’s own sake of being. It is the biggest challenge of my life, outside of raising my children, to try to bring a single moment of beauty and wonder to someone else with art. The Tree of Life series Something that resonates in the oldest of stories, in the heart of faiths around the world, is the concept of a tree that echoes the very nature of life itself. Perhaps it reminds us that though we may be rooted in our own separate realities, we can still have the strength to reach out, farther and higher than we ever dreamed. We aspire. We dare to grow. And while everything is changed, nothing is truly destroyed, it is only transmuted."

Upcoming exhibits:

  • February: TBA

  • March: TBA

  • April: TBA

Salem Church Branch

January: Anthony J. Silver

Upcoming exhibits:

  • February: Randolph Gatling

  • March: Shellie Ridder

  • April: Lucia Berrios

Snow Branch

Upcoming exhibits: TBA

Art Shows

Uniquely Stafford

Uniquely Fredericksburg

Uniquely Spotsylvania

Teen Art Show

The Teen Art Show is held annually at Headquarters Library. The two artists who receive first place (grades 9-10 and grades 11-12) are given their own show in the Atrium the following December.

Zachary Wiegand
Zachary Wiegand