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National Geographic's Night Sky of North America

Cover to National Geographic's Night Sky of North America

Take a look at this pocket guide from National Geographic before you go out for a gaze on a cloudless evening. Night Sky of North America is the perfect book to bring along with you anywhere a lack of light pollution permits you to see the stars, the planets, and more.

After its introduction and basics of “Night Sky” knowledge, the following seven chapters touch on celestial bodies as well as manmade “space hardware” you might also glimpse. You’ll learn about the intensely radioactive Van Allen belts that surround the Earth, the motions of the Moon, the Oort Cloud that lies at the outer edge of our solar system, and much more.

This pocket guide is concise and friendly for casual browsing with its single-page spreads offering fascinating bits of information along with beautiful illustrations. Yes, it does have a guide to help with identifying constellations, but scientific information is included in each description. For example, the constellation Leo is the place to look for Leonid meteor showers.

This short film from National Geographic illuminates the night we do not usually see in our crowded suburbs: