Little Wolf's First Howling

Little Wolf's First Howling

Little Wolf can barely contain his excitement. "Tonight's the night," says Big Wolf. "Your first howling!" He can't wait to howl at the moon, just like his father Big Wolf! First, Big Wolf demonstrates proper howling form:


Big Wolf's howl is perfect! It drifts through the valley and graces the moon. Now it's Little Wolf's turn!

". . . aaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooo . . . I'm hoooooowling, 'oooowling, 'oooooowling!"

Not quite like Big Wolf. Big Wolf doesn't give up. Will Little Wolf learn to embrace the "proper" howling form?

For Little Wolf's First Howling, author Laura McGee Kvasnosky and her sister illustrator, Kate Harvey McGee, create a wonderful tale about the importance of doing things your own way and being true to your heart. Although Big Wolf thinks the "proper howling form" is the only correct way to address the moon, Little Wolf teaches him that any way is the correct way! Little Wolf's First Howling can be a fun and exciting read-aloud for your little ones and the rest of their wolf pack! AAAAAOOOOOOO!

Little Wolf's First Howling supports our Grow a Reader principles of Phonological Awareness and Narrative Skills.