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Lily and Dunkin by Donna Gephart

Lily and Dunkin book cover image

Your heart will soar and fall with the story of two teens overcoming tremendous odds to show the world who they truly are. Lily Jo McGrother was born Timothy McGrother, but now, as she enters eighth grade, she wonders if it’s time—if she’s strong enough—to be the girl she is inside. Norbert Dorfman, brand new to town, has a hard enough time dealing with his bipolar disorder and a secret from his past. Both Lily Jo and Norbert (who chooses the nickname "Dunkin" after his coffee habit) are hoping eighth grade will mean a fresh start.

But, as it often happens in middle school, it is still a time of change and difficulties for everyone. Lily Jo longs to wear dresses and makeup, but her father refuses to accept who she is inside. Her classmates are even less accepting. Dunkin tries to fit in with the popular basketball crowd while hiding his disorder. Of course, there's also the fact that he's terrible at all sports, including basketball. With the help of some strong friends and family—and eventually each other—they learn to navigate their world and present their true selves. But it's not smooth sailing. Lily and Dunkin is an amazing book that will open your eyes to the pressures and prejudices too many teens face, while offering hope for future generations.