If You Love Honey: Nature’s Connections

Cover to If You Love Honey: Nature’s Connections

This bright picture book is a great introduction to how nature works for rather young children. If You Love Honey traces the connections between the wild world and its inhabitants from honey to honeybees to dandelions to ladybugs to goldenrod to . . . well, you get the idea.

Cathy Morrison’s detailed illustrations give kids a friendly look at the natural world. The animals and plants that rely on each other to thrive might be found every day in your neighborhood park, but the vivid colors and sharp lines put them in the spotlight for story time.

Two Explore More sections give some details about how the animals and plants interact to make a healthy environment, touching on pollination and how the bees make the honey. Teachers and parents may read the more in-depth information and share it with their learners. If You Love Honey also has “Busy as a Bee” activities and links to more ways to learn online.

If spring and summer months seem perfect for a field trip, why not check out If You Love Honey, and check out a real field and all the wonderful kinds of life you can find there?

This book encourages narrative skills, one of our Grow a Reader keys to developing literacy in young children. It also encourages an early interest in natural science, a part of STEM studies.