CRRL Guest Picks: Jeremy & Justin

CRRL Guest Picks: Jeremy & Justin

Living in a home that contains more than 200 feet of bookshelves, Jeremy and Justin had no choice but to fall in love with books. For their second birthday, they received library cards and bags with the library logo on them. It was not uncommon for them to leave the library lugging two or three bulging canvas bags containing 50 or more picture books. Their mother has read to them until her voice was hoarse on more than one occasion and still hears the request for “one more chapter, please.” When they began school, their parents chose to homeschool them and chose a literature-rich curriculum. The piles of picture books slowly changed to stacks of chapter books, supplemented by audio books. While both boys love fantasy, they also wander out of the fiction sections to pursue books about the interest of the day, week, month or year.

From Jeremy:

I love reading. Always have. If I’m not looking for a new world to explore, a galaxy to discover or a mystery to be solved, I’m finding books on law, photography, art, history or almost any subject  that might interest me. If you can’t find me working on schoolwork or hanging out with my friends, you’ll most likely find me with a book in my hands. A week without going to the library is often a sad one for me. The library has really helped when it comes to researching things, and a goal of mine is to finally stump a librarian. I also have to blame the library for my undying wish to write a book, so thanks for that, I guess. My favorite author has to be C.S. Lewis; I fell in love with Narnia and fantasy after reading his books.

When they told me that I could only chose ten books, my first thought was how am I supposed to do that? I immediately shut down for a few seconds, but, after some careful consideration, this is the list I came up with. Sorry to all the great authors I missed. I could only choose ten.

Justin agreed with Jeremy’s list and had some additions of his own:

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