CRRL Guest Picks: Brostek Family Favorites for All Ages

CRRL Guest Picks: The Brostek Family

Matt, Elizabeth, Sarah (age 9), and Daniel (age 4)

Our family loves to read. We read every night with our children before bed. Matt downloads eBooks from the library and reads every morning and evening as he commutes into DC for work each day. Elizabeth loves the fact that we can try out different books and magazines without cluttering our house. We are so fortunate to live close to Porter library and visit at least once a week to load up on books, movies, magazines, or to participate in one of the children’s activities.

The librarians at Porter have played an active role in our children’s love of the library and reading from story time since they were toddlers to the summer reading program to Fabulous Fridays for Sarah as an elementary student. They always greet my children by name when we stop by.

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