Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Cover to Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, by Kenard Pak, is a gentle read-aloud that follows a girl walking through the forests and fields and town of a changing world.

“Hello, thunder.”

“Hello! You can hear my low rumble from far away.

My clouds loom over the open fields and quiet hills.”

All of nature is changing as the cooler winds blow. The sun sets sooner, and puddles are filled with fallen leaves. Then the sun sets. The girl and her animal friends go to sleep. In the morning, it’s time to say hello to autumn.

Goodbye Summer is a quiet book, excellent for the winding-down hours of the day, such as naps or bedtime.

The colors are both strong and soft, and there are many interesting things to discover in the seemingly simple illustrations.

Help your child notice the season's careful progression with this book.

For another quiet story that is a classic, try Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present, by Charlotte Zolotow, with illustrations by Maurice Sendak. Rita Gray’s Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? with illustrations also by Kenard Pak, helps children learn a bit about animal mothers and how they protect their young.