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It's Elementary! Geometry for Grade School Students

Circles, squares, pentagons, octagons, polygons, angles, rays, points, and lines, there are so many names to learn in geometry. They may sound strange and new, but geometry is all around you. Your computer monitor's surface is more or less a rectangle, your pencil is roughly a cylinder, and, viewed from the top, the cable from your mouse to the computer, is a line segment.  Once you start thinking about geometric shapes, you'll find them everywhere.

The next step after learning the names is to figure out how they fit together and how to break them apart. You'll split cones, just like you would with a buddy, but you'll know how to do it exactly and how the numbers should add up. Playing with paper, whether it's paper airplanes or origami, is another great way to study angles, triangles, squares, and other polygons.

This Homework Helper's supporting materials list features fun geometry books that include games, stories and crafts that use geometry, as well as links to sites that teach and review the basics.