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Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child

Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child

"I think we all have to fight the werewolf within us somehow."  — William Kempe

Jeremy Logan, professor of medieval history at Yale, and protagonist of Child's The Forgotten Room (2015) is looking for a place to complete a book. He wants a place that embraces tranquility and bliss. When he discovers Clearwater, an isolated artists' retreat deep in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, he knows it's the perfect spot to get his work done without interruptions from his other, more unusual, occupation. Being an investigator in paranormal phenomena makes you more popular than you would think.

But Logan's plans are interrupted by old friend and park ranger Randall Jessup. Jessup explains to Logan that two fit, young backpackers in the Adirondacks have been murdered. The deaths are extremely unnatural—both hikers were ripped to shreds in the light of a full moon. The coroner's report suggests it might have been a rogue bear or wolf, but Jessup has other thoughts. He explains to Logan that the nearby town of Pike Hollow fears the Blackney family, and the townspeople believe they might behind the brutal murders. The residents fear the Blackneys due to rumors of black magic and strange howls that come from the compound at night, especially during full moons.

Logan agrees to help Jessup figure out the mystery of the mountains, but only if he can keep a low profile during the investigation. As Logan uncovers more dark secrets hidden in the wilderness of the Adirondacks, he realizes that the belief in lycanthropy may not just be a product of folklore.

Full Wolf Moon is a horrifying page-turner and another masterpiece from Lincoln Child. Although the beginning of the novel moves at a moderate pace, the suspense eventually picks up once Logan begins to dig deep within the wilderness around him. Werewolves are scarce within the realms of horror fiction, and Child has written a novel that could easily move to the top of this small but important horror subgenre. With a bloodthirty mystery around every corner in the Adirondacks, Logan must figure out a way to stop the mysterious attacks before he becomes the next victim.