Fall Is for School by Robert Neubecker

Fall Is for School by Robert Neubecker

"Fall is time for school!"
"That really is uncool."

In Fall Is for School, a new seasonal picture book from author Robert Neubecker, two siblings discuss starting a new school year. The young girl is excited for school to begin: "Fall is here! Come on with me!" she tries to convince her stubborn old brother. "School is really not my thing. You go on alone. I'll be fine all by myself, sitting here at home," he says begrudgingly.  

The boy's sister continues to try to convince him that school is going to be a blast: "In school, we'll learn of Romans, who really were no dummies, and the pyramids in Egypt, all filled up with mummies!" But the boy continues to whine, "I'm going to play all day! It doesn't matter what you say!"

Will his enthusiastic sibling help him embrace the new school year? Read Fall Is for School to find out!

Fall Is for School is a wonderful addition to an autumn- or school-themed book collection. Neubecker's new title is an excellent read for children of both personalities: one who is excited about school, and the other who is feeling regret going back to school. Fall Is for School will get your children excited about school, no matter how hard they try to stay at home. Get them out of that summer funk, into a brand-new school year of learning!

Fall Is for School supports our Grow a Reader principles of narrative skills, vocabulary, and reading.