Dying Breath: A Krewe of Hunters Novel by Heather Graham

Dying Breath: A Krewe of Hunters Novel by Heather Graham

When she was a teenager, Boston native Vickie Preston and the little boy she babysat were almost killed by an escaped serial killer, who chose them at random. Her escape was aided by none other than a real life ghost—the ghost of the little boy's 17-year-old brother who lost his life in a car crash. 

Vickie, now a historian, has returned to her hometown many years after the incident. But she doesn't return alone. The teenage ghost has followed her around most of her life, acting as her spectral protector. Overall, Vickie doesn't mind the company.

But Vickie realizes she might have returned to her stomping grounds at a bad time. Someone, dubbed "The Undertaker" by the media, is kidnapping women and burying them alive all over the city. When Vickie's name appears in the random clues the killer has been sending to the FBI, Special Agent Griffin Price immediately grows concerned for the pretty historian. He has an interesting past with Vickie: Griffin was just a beat officer with the Boston PD when he saved her from the serial killer many years earlier and also saw the ghost help her escape. Now, Griffin works with the Krew of Hunters in the FBI, a special unit focusing on "unusual" cases involving the paranormal, but has yet to tell Vickie what his unit's history is. It becomes increasingly harder to keep it from her once he feels his heartstrings pull at just the sound of her voice...

With Vickie's knowledge of Boston's graveyards and other possible hiding places around town, Griffin and Krewe member Jackson Crowe try to beat The Undertaker at his dangerous game. The killer, or killers, as Griffin presumes, brings the suspense once multiple women are kidnapped and buried alive in the Boston area. As Vickie and Griffin grow closer to each other, they also grow closer to danger—and possibly their last breath.

Set in a spooky historical setting, Dying Breath is yet another great work from the master of romantic suspense, Heather Graham. The rhythm of the plot follows the same beat as Graham's previous Krewe of Hunters novels, with excellent supernatural and mystery elements. The romance is smooth and sexy (as usual) and is tolerable for even fans who don't necessarily appreciate romantic elements within horror or suspense genes. You will definitely not want to spend any time underground, especially anywhere near a graveyard, after reading Dying Breath.