Changes to Digital Magazines within the Talking Books for the Blind Program

Magazine cartridge image

The Talking Books program has changed its magazine format from cassettes to digital cartridges. Now, all National Library Service-produced magazines are circulated on digital cartridges. You will notice a big improvement in the enhanced sound quality and navigation capabilities.

As with books on digital cartridge, the magazines need to be returned. The cartridge loan period for weekly publications is one week after you receive them. The cartridge loan period for monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly publications is one month after you receive them. Please treat magazine cartridges the same as book cartridges. In order to return the cartridge in the red container, flip the mailing card on the container, and place it with your outgoing mail.

In some cases you may receive a magazine cartridge that has more than one magazine on it. The NLS digital talking-book player is equipped with a bookshelf feature to assist you in navigating through your digital cartridge. To activate the bookshelf feature, press and hold the green, rectangular Play/Stop button on your player until you hear a beep. Complete audio instructions for using the bookshelf feature are included on all cartridges that contain more than one magazine issue.

Keep in mind that any magazine cartridge that has a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly publication on it—even if it also has a weekly publication on it—will have a loan period of one month after you receive it.

If you have three overdue magazine cartridges, your magazine service will be stopped until they are returned. So enjoy your magazines, but please return them promptly.