Spring Picture Books

Spring Picture Books

Of all the seasons, spring seems to be the most anxiously awaited. It brings the promise of warmer weather, longer days, and the explosion of nature’s beauty with spring flowers, soft spring grass, and baby animals in abundance. Celebrate all the wonders of spring with a child by sharing one (or a bunch!) of these spring-themed books.

Abracadabra, It’s Spring! by Anne Sibley O’BrienAbracadabra, It’s Spring! by Anne Sibley O’Brien
With the exclamation of magical words and the unfurling of fold-out pages, winter gives way to spring. Tiny, green sprigs turn into colorful flowers; buds turn into trees; and cocoons reveal butterflies. Page after page reveals the surprises that spring brings.

And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano
Waiting for spring can be hard: wondering how long it will take for everything that is brown to finally turn green, watching where seeds have been planted and wondering if they will ever sprout. Every morning brings the hope that this will be the day when spring arrives, but nothing seems to change. The ground is still brown; the trees are still bare. Day after day, week after week, everything looks brown until one day it isn’t, and, suddenly, it’s spring.

When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes
Stark, bare trees give way to leafy, green canopies; gray banks of dirty snow melt to uncover fertile earth beneath; and dead, brown grass transforms to a green carpet speckled with blossoms. Spring means waiting for seeds to grow and eggs to hatch and also brings the excitement of things to explore, such as mud puddles and new kittens.

Spring Blossoms by Carole Gerber
The bare brownness of winter bursts into color as trees bud, then blossom. Dogwood, crabapple, magnolia and cherry trees all have showy displays of color. Other species have flowers that are not as colorful but are signs of spring, nonetheless.

Readers and plants are certainly anxious for springtime, but animals are excited too!

Finding Spring by Carin Berger
All baby bear Maurice can think of is experiencing his first spring. Never mind that the days are getting colder, and all his forest animal friends are busy Click, Clack, Peep! by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewinpreparing burrows and packing away food; all Maurice cares about is spring. After finally giving in to a very long sleep, Maurice comes out of his den to find all the other animals gathered around, now ready to help Maurice on his quest to find spring.

Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson
Bear emerges from his winter hibernation very hungry. He eats everything he can find, but it just isn’t enough; he wants more. While he is out searching for food, his friends prepare a springtime feast for bear with presents and enough honey cakes to satisfy any bear’s appetite.

Click, Clack, Peep! by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin
Every animal on the farm awaits the hatching of the egg. Finally, click, clack, peep! a baby duck is born!  After all that waiting, the other farm animals are tired and ready for sleep, but not Baby Duck. Nothing puts the baby to sleep, not a lullaby from the chickens nor a specially knit blanket from the sheep. Eventually all the animals leave the barn to find some peace and quiet so they can rest. Duck thinks he knows how to solve the problem and steps in with a solution: take Baby Duck on a soothing tractor ride to lull her to sleep.

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? by Rita Gray
A variety of birds make unique sounds and calls, but not the robin, who sits quietly on her nest. Other birds swoop and fly around with each other, but not the robin, who stays on her nest until sounds of cracking, cheeping, and peeping reveal the secret of why robin has been so quiet.

This column originally appeared in The Free Lance-Star newspaper.