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If you like James Patterson's BookShots

If you like James Patterson's BookShots

BookShots by James Patterson: "Life moves fast—books should too." 

BookShots are paperbacks developed by notable author James Patterson that are 150 words or less. They are also cheap—five dollars, no more, no less. Not only do the BookShots feature Patterson's famous characters like Alex Cross and Michael Bennett, but they also feature other genres Patterson is known for as well. You can read on any electronic device as well.

Featured below are the BookShots we have, divided in genre form. All summaries are from

Steamy Romances

$10,000,000 Marriage Proposal

$10,000,000 Marriage Proposal Will you marry me for $10,000,000?
I am a creative, open-minded businessman with limited time and desire to play the field. This is a serious proposal. A mysterious billboard intrigues three single women in LA. But who is this Mr. Right? And is he the perfect match for the lucky winner?



Bodygaurd: An Undercovers Story

Bodygaurd: An Undercovers Story
by Jessica Linden The most eligible bachelor on Capitol Hill has met his match.
Abbie Whitmore is good at her job. She knows how to protect people, and she's always right--until Congressman Jonathan Lassiter comes along. The presidential hopeful refuses to believe that his politics have put him in danger, yet Abbie's determined to keep him safe. But how can she protect him while she's guarding her heart?



Dazzling: The Diamond Trilogy, Book I

Dazzling: The Diamond Trilogy, Book I by Elizabeth Hayley She's a starving artist and he's a billionaire playboy.
Siobhan came to New York with a purpose: She wants to become a successful artist. To pay her bills in the meantime, she's the hostess at The Stone Room, a bar for the beautiful and the billionaires. She's fine with being on her own—until tech billionaire Derick takes her breath away.


Exquisite: The Diamond Trilogy, Book III

Exquisite: The Diamond Trilogy, Book III by Elizabeth Hayley
Please don't let me fall. 
Since Siobhan has made it as an artist, she's ready to start a life in New York with the love of her life, billionaire Derick Miller. But their relationship has been a rollercoaster ride that has pushed Derick too far. Will Siobhan be able to win back her soul mate? 



Hot Winter Nights

Hot Winter Nights
by Codi Gary The Bear Mountain days are cold, but the nights are steamy.
Allie Fairchild made a mistake when she moved to Montana. Her rental is a mess, her coworkers at the trauma center are hostile, and her handsome landlord, Dex Belmont, is far from charming. But just when she's about to throw in the towel, life in Bear Mountain takes a surprisingly sexy turn.


Learning to Ride

Learning to Ride
by Erin Knightly She never wanted to love a cowboy. 
Rodeo king Tanner Callen doesn't want to be tied down. When he sees Madeline Harper at a local honky-tonk and everything about her screams New York, he brings out every trick in his playbook to take her home. But soon he learns that he doesn't just want her for a night and, instead, hopes for forever.


Let's Play Make-believe

Let's Play Make-believe Make-believe I love you...
Both survivors of the divorce wars, Christy and Martin don't believe in love at first sight and certainly not on a first date. But from the instant they lock eyes, life becomes a sexy, romantic dream come true. That is, until they start playing a strangely intense game of make-believe—a game that's about to go too far.

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress
 Can a little black dress change everything in her life?
Magazine editor Jane Avery spends her nights alone with Netflix and Oreos—until the Dress turns her loose. Suddenly she's surrendering to dark desires, and New York City has become her erotic playground. But what began as a fantasy will go too far...and her next conquest could be her last.


The Mating Season

The Mating Season
by Laurie Horowitz
Spread your wings and soar
Rigg Greensman is on the worst assignment of his life: filming a documentary about birds with scientific "hot mess" host, Sophie Castle. Since Rigg is used to the celebrity lifestyle, he'd never be interested in Sophie. But he soon realizes she's got that sexy something that drives him wild. . .if only he can convince her to join him for the ride. 


The McCullagh Inn In Maine

The McCullagh Inn In Maine
 by Jen McLaughli Her second chance at love.
Chelsea O'Kane escapes to Maine with a gun and fresh bruises. She's ready to begin anew-until she runs into her old flame, Jeremy Holland. As he helps to fix her inn, her heart heals and they rediscover what they once loved about each other. But as the two play house, it starts to seem too good to last. 


Radiant: The Diamond Trilogy, Book II

RadiantThe Diamond Trilogy, Book II by Elizabeth Hayley  He's worth millions, but he's worthless without her
It's been a month since her traumatic break-up with Derick, and Siobhan now lives in Detroit, where she can support herself and her painting career. But suddenly Derick's back after flying halfway across the country for her. And though Siobhan's body comes alive at his touch, she doesn't know if she can trust him again.


A Wedding in Maine: A McCullagh Inn Story

A Wedding in Maine: A McCullagh Inn Story
by Jen McLaughli
n The McCullagh Inn is now open for weddings. 
Jeremy Holland is exactly what Chelsea O'Kane wants in a man. After he proposes, she's ecstatic to host their wedding at the inn they built together. But it isn't long before the secrets from Chelsea's past refuse to stay buried, and they could ruin everything...


Favorite Detectives 

Black & Blue

Black & Blue Is Harriet Blue as great a detective as Lindsay Boxer? 
Harriet Blue, the most single-minded detective since Lindsay Boxer, won't rest until she stops a savage killer targeting female university students. But new clues point to a more chilling predator than she ever could have imagined. 

Cross Kill

Cross Kill
Alex Cross, I'm coming for you—even from the grave if I have to. 
Along Came a Spider killer Gary Soneji has been dead for over ten years. Alex Cross watched him die. But today, Cross saw him gun down his partner. Is Soneji alive? A ghost? Or something even more sinister? Nothing will prepare you for the wicked truth.


Chase: A Michael Bennett Story


Chase: A Michael Bennett Story This was no suicide," says Detective Michael Bennett.
A man plunges to his death from the roof of a Manhattan hotel. It looks like a suicide—except the victim has someone else's fingerprints and $10,000 in cash. Enter Detective Michael Bennett.



The Christmas Mystery: A Detective Luc Moncrief Story

The Christmas Mystery: A Detective Luc Moncrief Story Have yourself a scary little Christmas
In the heart of the holiday season, priceless paintings have vanished from a Park Avenue murder scene. Now, dashing French detective Luc Moncrief must become a quick study in the art of the steal--before a coldblooded killer paints the town red. Merry Christmas, Detective. 




French Twist: A Detective Luc Moncreif Mystery

French Twist: A Detective Luc Moncrief Mystery
 Who is killing New York's most beautiful women? 
Gorgeous women are dropping dead at upscale department stores in New York City. Detective Luc Moncrief and Detective Katherine Burke are close to solving the mystery, but looks can be deceiving. . .




Private: The Royals


Private: The Royals God save the Queen—only Private can save the Royal Family
Private is the most elite detective agency in the world. But when kidnappers threaten to execute a Royal Family member in front of the Queen, Jack Morgan and his team have just 24 hours to stop them. Or heads will roll...literally.



Hidden: A Mitchum Story Have you seen my cousin...alive? 
Rejected by the Navy SEALs, Mitchum is content to be his small town's unofficial private eye, until his beloved 14-year-old cousin is abducted. Now he'll call on every lethal skill to track her down—but nothing is what it seems...



Malicious: A Mitchum Story

Malicious: A Mitchum Story Did my brother kill your husband? 
Mitchum is back. His brother's been charged with murder. Nathaniel swears he didn't kill anyone, but word on the street is that he was involved with the victim's wife. Now, Navy SEAL dropout Mitchum will break every rule to expose the truth—even if it destroys the people he loves.



The Trial

The Trial
 I'm not on trialSan Francisco is
An accused murderer called Kingfisher is about to go on trial for his life. Or is he? By unleashing unexpected violence on the lawyers, jurors, and police involved in the case, he has paralyzed the city. Detective Lindsay Boxer and the Women's Murder Club are caught in the eye of the storm.



Other Thrillers


​113 Minutes

113 Minutes I know who killed my son
Molly Rourke's son has been murdered. . .and she knows who's responsible. Now she's taking the law into her own hands. Never underestimate a mother's love.



Come and Get Us


Come and Get Us What is her husband's secret?
Miranda Cooper's life takes a terrifying turn when an SUV deliberately runs her and her husband off a desolate Arizona road. With her husband badly wounded, she must run for help alone as his cryptic parting words echo in her head: "Be careful who you trust." 


French Kiss


French Kiss
Very handsome and charming French detective Luc Moncrief joined the NYPD for a fresh start—but someone wants to make his first big case his last. Welcome to New York.




The House Husband

The House Husband
 Harry Posehn is the best dad, the best husband...well, maybe not. 
Detective Teaghan Beaumont is getting closer and closer to discovering the truth about Harry Posehn. But there's a twist that she—and you, dear reader—will never see coming. 




Hunted Evil has a new game
Someone is luring men from the streets to play a mysterious, high stakes game in the English countryside. Former Special Forces officer David Shelley will go undercover to shut it down—but this might be a game he can't win.


Killer Chef


Killer Chef Eat, drink, and be murdered.
Someone is poisoning diners in New Orleans' best restaurants. Now it's up to chef and homicide cop Caleb Rooney to catch a killer—who has an appetite for revenge.




Taking the Titanic


Taking the Titanic The greatest story in modern history has a new chapter.
Posing as newlyweds, two ruthless thieves board the Titanic to rob its well-heeled passengers. But an even more shocking plan is afoot-a sensational scheme that could alter the fate of the world's most famous ship. 


Zoo 2

Zoo 2
 Will the last humans on Earth please turn out the lights?
James Patterson's Zoo was just the beginning. The planet is still under violent siege by ferocious animals. Humans are their desperate prey. Except some humans are evolving, mutating into a savage species that could save civilization—or end it.